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Consultation with a specialist

If you have any questions related to the use of our products, you can request the advice of a technical specialist of the company through your manager, or by sending a request with a list of questions to

Technical documentation

If necessary, our company provides consumers with a complete list of technical documentation (certificates, specifications , test reports, etc.)

To obtain the necessary documents, send a request to or contact your manager.


Departure of technicians along with samples for testing, setting up equipment and training personnel is carried out at the request of the consumer along with the delivery of the first batch of material. For more information, contact your manager.



Joint development is one of the most important values of our company.

Many years of experience and an extensive technological base allow us to provide effective assistance to our customers in developing new projects and solving emerging production problems.


We make sure that our products are in line with the current trends in the composite materials market. Our specialists are constantly working on introducing innovations and improving the quality of products. You can find out about new products and events by subscribing to the newsletter:

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